Smart Bank Statement OCR

Vidual’s SmartOCR platform merges AI and traditional OCR to extract and analyse 100% of bank statement data across Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.

Utilises both template and AI driven OCR engines to accurately extract data from bank statements and other documents in real time.

Real time income and expense verification for immediate online approval.

Loan Potential confirms the identity, income and expenses of you customers in real time.

Allow your company to assist customers in real hardship.

Why choose Vidual?

Bank screen scraping will soon be banned

Bank account screen scraping is against best practice cyber security advice as requires the provision of internet banking passwords. Treasury is considering banning it as is already the case in the UK and EU.

Smart OCR

Vidual’s SmartOCR platform merges AI and multiple OCR engines to extract 100% of bank statement data and then analyses it via our Matching, Categorisation and Decision Engines.


Vidual has been successfully OCR bank statements in Australia and South Africa for 8 years and has processed hundreds of thousands of bank statements.

Bank-grade security

Vidual’s security processes have been vetted by banks and our security protocols and associated architecture ensure that any personal information is stored separately to any of your transactional information.

Client Testimonial

(Client details shared upon request)

Collecting customer business bank statements for cash flow analysis is imperative in determining an outcome for the customer and ultimately their capacity to repay their loan or line.

Vidual provided OCR technology that allows the agent or customer to upload their bank statement and produce a report within minutes (this is down from approx. 4 hours of manual work and a team of 5 people)

Typically OCR technology is template driven requiring high maintenance to stay current, Vidual does this for you, they specialise in bank statements, covering a broad spectrum of banking institutions and take on the responsibility of staying up to date, and if you do come across a new/unknown bank they will simply add it into their portfolio!

Vidual take this one step further and they have worked hard to ensure the analysis report adds high value to the process and is effective in driving same day decisioning, this includes simple rules such as opening and closing balance calculations, to the more complex categorisation and even potential fraud indicators.

Supporting small and medium business means providing solutions when they need it. As one of Australia’s leading online lenders to small business, our fast application and decision is made possible with great technology and strong partnership. I would highly recommend Vidual to any organisation looking to enhance their digital processes.

Safe and Secure

Security is the pillar of our business. Vidual products use a range of security protocols and ensure the personal and financial data of your customers is kept safe. 

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