We take security seriously.

Vidual takes the security of its clients and their customers seriously. We use 256 bit encryption and modern security protocols to ensure the safe transfer of personal information and financial data.

Safe and Secure

Security is the pillar of our business. These are some of the mechanisms that make Vidual extremely secure.

We Never Keep Your Login Details

Vidual does not use screen scraping as it is against best practice cyber security protocols. Information is provided by the customer via bank statements with their consent.

Personal Information Is Securely Stored

We encrypt all information that uniquely identifies you before we store it. This means that your information is completely indecipherable in our database.

Information Is Securely Encrypted In Transit 

All transferred information is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. We also use an Extended Validation SSL certificate provided by Comodo – to ensure that your information remains protected.

Personal Data And Banking History Are Stored Separately

Our security personnel and associated architecture ensure that any personal information, is stored separately to any of your transactional information.

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