Verify your customers’ financial position in real time!

Loan Potential can electronically extract all banking information from Australian, New Zealand and South African bank statements and then analyse both income and expenses to provide back real time information to assist affordability calculations.

Loan Potential

Enables real time income and expense verification for immediate online approval for a loan in line with responsible lending.

Real Time Analysis

Gain real insights and analysis of your customers’ lending potential in real time.

More Customers

Provide more accurate approvals to more customers through technology and automation.

Income Analysis

Confirm new clients actually earn what they state.

Better Customers

Ensure only customers who can pay back a loan are approved.

Expense Analysis

Confirm and categorise new clients expenses to ensure they can pay back a loan.

Regulation Compliance

Ensure detailed analysis of a potential customer’s financial position complies with Responsible Lending.

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